I was given a decorative sign for our kitchen which states “Laughter And Wild Things Are Created In This Kitchen”. Now if this statement was applied solely to me it would mean walking around with a microwaved hot dog in one hand  while munching on a store-bought sushi roll in the other. If you apply this statement to my husband this means roasted duck with a wilted rainbow swiss chard salad topped with a poached quail egg and dressed with a homemade lemon dressing.

Hence, “My Hubby’s Kitchen”.

A few things you should know. We are not rich. We are not chefs. We did not grow up with chefs. We are not photographers. We are not bloggers. My husband just obsesses over things and I need to eat in order to not die.  So who are we?



As you may have guessed, I’m the wife! I grew up in a household that was moderately adventurous when it came to eating. We were having sushi parties and tried everything from alligator to rattlesnake by the time I entered high school. But cooking was a whole other story. We cooked the basics at home but we never went too crazy. As an adult I stuck to salads and boxed mac & cheese. I have used cups of vanilla instead of teaspoons, I have burnt boxed mac & cheese, I have accidentally lit a roll of paper towels on fire and used my hand as a cutting board. If my husband wasn’t around I would probably only be eating things that require no cooking.



I met this handsome devil when I was in 8th grade and we have been attached at the hip ever since. My husband’s parents divorced around the time I met him so he grew up with two different “styles” of cooking. His mom’s style of cooking was very “meat and potatoes” good ol’ farm cooking, this has instilled in him an obsession with potatoes that has become a running joke in the family. His dad’s cooking consisted of Pizza Rolls and Coors Light. That’s it. Throughout high school Logan (my hubby) would not eat vegetables and fruit was out of the question (this girl has changed that).  As we moved into college Logan became more interested in cooking and once we moved in together food became his obsession!

Since we got married cooking has become one of our favorite things to do together! We spend each night cooking, chatting about our day and usually partaking in a “cheers we made it through another day” drink. I had begun posting Logan’s creations on social and finally I had a coworker suggest we start a blog. So here we are.

In short, here’s what we cook, tips, some stuff about us peppered in and maybe a few curse words (sorry mom & dad). Let’s see how this goes!